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The Amish Healer

The Amish Of Hope Valley Book Three

A tragic buggy accident robbed Jude of his sight – and darkened his soul. And he might have remained isolated and lost to Hope Valley forever, if not for one mysterious healer with experience in assisting the blind.

Against his will, she coaxed him out of the blackness and into the light. Along the way, the lines become blurred, and he starts to yearn for her as a woman.

He must never know the truth, because Kerith owed this gruff man a debt she can never, ever repay. Instead, she’ll gift him the ability to face life again with the courage he lost at the time of the accident.

Along the way, she found her embittered pupil was teaching her something – about the woman deep inside, the one that had been lying dormant until he brought her to vibrant life.