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The Amish Kids

The Amish Of Hope Valley Book Nine

After the latest in a long line of courting disasters while searching for her happily ever after, Fawn Petersheim decides there is only one thing for her to do. Swear off men and become the Hope Valley spinster.

But then her dad reads an intriguing advertisement at the Hope Valley bakery. A local widower is looking for a nanny for his children. And it’s none other than Abe Raber, the man who bullied her back in school.

But despite their unfortunate father, Abe’s kids, Jonah and Martha, are delightful and their plight tugs at Fawn’s heartstrings. Abe might be irritating and rude, but it’s also crystal clear that he has his children’s best interests at heart.

And so does Fawn.

If helping the darling children means dealing with their odious father, Fawn agrees to put her heart and soul on the line.

She just doesn’t expect to find Abe now holds that heart in the palm of his hand.