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The Amish Recluse

The Amish Of Pride Book 7

Should she take a chance on the town pariah?

After the fateful night he saves a stranger from a devastating accident, Aden Bachman slips into the shadows of his town, never to be heard from again. Berated and censured, even by his own father, he lives in shame and regret. His heart is shattered because he knows he’ll never be able to have a wife or a family of his own.

But everything changes when she shows up, unwelcome and unwanted. She’s standing in the middle of the Pride bakery, a woman he never thought he’d ever see again. Against his better judgment, he decides to help her. Fear takes over because just look at what happened the last time he offered his assistance to a woman.

Gloria’s life is torn to pieces by a tragedy at home. And the only man who can help her is him, the reclusive Aden Bachman. He fled town and never looked back. How will she ever find him again? How will she convince him to help her? She heads to Pride, Ohio on a wing and a prayer.

But the most reclusive man in Pride doesn’t want to help her. He doesn’t want her. He doesn’t believe in love.

Will she ever be able to thaw his frozen heart?


This is the exciting new best-selling Amish Romance Series by #1 inspirational author, Emma Schwartz. The saga of Pride, Ohio continues with The Amish Recluse, Book #7. All Emma Schwartz’s Amish Romance books are clean, wholesome and filled with family values. The series does not need to be read in order. You will love this standalone, Amish romance novel that contains no cliffhanger and a joyful happily ever after.