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The Amish Woodworker

The Amish Of Pride Book 5

Could you give up everything you’ve ever known for a chance at everlasting love?

Albert is a lonely Amish widower, living all by himself on his family farm with only his dog Duke and his cat Whiskers for company. His talent for woodworking is known far and wide and all he wants is to win the grand prize at the Pride Amish Crafts Festival.

Then one night, everything changes. A woman. She’s standing on his doorstep and she’s feisty and beautiful. But there’s something else. Something’s seriously wrong with her.

She’s Englisch.

He won’t fall for her. He can’t.

Melissa’s been shattered by divorce and betrayal. She’ll never again trust a man with her heart. On a journey of self-discovery, she quits her job, leases her house and sets out for parts unknown. Her first stop is Pride, Ohio for the local Amish festival.

When tragedy strikes, she finds herself on the doorstep of the surliest, meanest man she’s ever seen. He’s handsome and he sets her pulse to pounding. But there’s something else. Something’s seriously wrong with him.

He’s Amish.

She won’t fall for him. She can’t.

After circumstances throw them together, both Albert and Melissa start to long for something that can never be. They yearn for each other, in spite of themselves. Even though they understand the futility of their situation, they become friends. But as it usually happens with the best of intentions, God has other plans.


This is the exciting new best-selling Amish Romance Series by #1 inspirational author, Emma Schwartz. The saga of Pride, Ohio continues with The Amish Widower, Book #5, formerly published as The Amish Widower. All Emma Schwartz’s Amish Romance books are clean, wholesome and filled with family values. The series does not need to be read in order. You will love this standalone, Amish romance novel that contains no cliffhanger and a joyful happily ever after.