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The Amish Teacher

The Amish Of Hope Valley Book Seven

Paul Eicher no longer believed in marriage. He’d been there and lost his wife, only to have his heart shattered into a million pieces. And not even an intelligent, attractive woman such as Mercy Kemp could ever change his mind.

But Paul’s daughter, Serenity, disagreed with her father’s ridiculous notions. Miss Kemp knew all about knitting and pie making and darning socks. And she didn’t like pulling weeds any more than Serenity did.

It was obvious to the little girl that her teacher was the ideal new wife for her stubborn father. And she’d do anything to get him to see the light and join Miss Kemp on God’s path to love.


This is the exciting new best-selling Amish Romance Series by #1 inspirational author, Emma Schwartz. The saga of Hope Valley, Iowa continues with The Amish Teacher, Book #7. All Emma Schwartz’s Amish Romance books are clean, wholesome and filled with family values. This standalone, Amish romance novel contains no cliffhanger and a joyful happily ever after.