Amish Romance author, Emma Schwartz longs for a time when life was simpler and less stressful. She admires the Amish community and their devotion to God and to each other. Even though she helps with her husband’s small roadside diner, she still finds time to write stories that carry away her reader to that simpler world where they can come along for the buggy ride.

Emma lives in Minnesota with her husband, John and their chocolate labs Eli and Caleb. Caleb can get a bit cantankerous when he’s hungry and he was the inspiration for a character in Emma’s debut book, The Amish Horse Sleuth. Now, Emma likes to write Amish Romance Series stories so she can please those who like short stories as well as longer novels. All Clean & Wholesome, Amish Romance Series stories written by Emma, come in boxed sets.

Emma adores her three grandchildren and tries to find time to write between chasing them around her ten acre hobby farm, riding her refurbished bike complete with bell and white wicker basket and canning her famous raspberry preserves.

All of Emma’s Amish and Christian based romance stories have strong family values and are clean and wholesome. Emma loves to hear from her readers and she answers every communication personally. You can find her on Facebook. Like her page to be notified of gifts, exclusives and new releases. Click here to visit Emma on Facebook.