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The Amish Ruse

The Amish Of Hope Valley Book Five

It was challenging for a man as proud as Daniel Hertzler to admit he had taken on more than he could handle alone. But if he wanted to keep the farm he adored, he had to find someone to help him care for his young son – as soon as possible.

And that meant marriage to a stranger – a woman he despised – and at the same time awakened longings inside his soul that held no place in his solitary existence.

The small Amish farm seemed the perfect place for May Fuller to hide. After all, she carried a dark, shameful secret. A secret someone knew and wanted to hurt her by bringing it to light.

Her new role as John’s wife seemed the perfect solution for them both – until a surprising fondness for her hard, gruff husband made her wish they weren’t just playing a charade for the sake of Hope Valley.