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The Amish Genius

The Amish Of Hope Valley Book Six

April Fisher didn’t profess to know much about men and their alien ways. She’d only courted one, and that lasted all of two weeks. Then her research took her away from her microscope and to the river banks of Hope Valley, Iowa – under the watchful eye of the local Amish curmudgeon, Jedidiah Lambright. They both had a lot to learn. About getting along… and falling in love.

The genius staying under his roof had Jed’s manly desires working overtime. But though he wanted to court the heart-faced beauty, April, he didn’t know if she would ever agree to a future with a lonely and stubborn widower like him. After all, his reputation as Hope Valley’s resident crabbypants preceded him. He and his little boy were doing fine on their own. They were. But once April’s experiments were completed, would they ever experience the joy of hearing a woman’s laughter again?


This is the exciting new best-selling Amish Romance Series by #1 inspirational author, Emma Schwartz. The saga of Hope Valley, Iowa continues with The Amish Genius, Book 6. All Emma Schwartz’s Amish Romance books are clean, wholesome and filled with family values. This standalone, Amish romance novel contains no cliffhanger and a joyful happily ever after.