The Amish Eagle Escape

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The Amish Eagle Escape

When the shy Hannah Baler finds an injured bald eagle on her way to the Miller’s, she’s determined to save him. The grandson of the Miller’s gruff neighbor has just returned to the community after the loss of his young wife. Since he has medical training, Hannah brings the bird to him to appeal for help.

Jacob Yoder’s heart is broken by the tragic loss of his wife and he’s not sure he made the right decision to return home to live with his crabby grandfather. Caleb Yoder berates him at every turn and it seems nothing he does is right. Then, in walks Hannah Baler with the injured eagle and it’s like a light has been switched on in the dark.

The two young people are perfect for each other. Will confusion keep them apart? Or, will the majestic animal they’re trying desperately to save help them forge an unbreakable bond?