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The Amish Apprentice

The Amish Of Pride Book 9

What happens when your sordid past catches up to you?

Determined to turn over a new leaf, Jonah Sutter decides to apprentice under his distant cousin, Bishop Beiler of Pride, Ohio. He’s burdened by his tortured childhood which caused him to veer from God’s path for him. His sinful former life still haunts him and he can’t seem to forgive himself and face an uncertain future.

Willa Kemp has suffered tremendous tragedy in her young life. But when tragedy strikes her beautiful daughter, Catherine, she goes inside herself, determined to retain the shredded tatters of control that remain. The new bishop’s apprentice won’t leave her alone, constantly counseling her about how she should embrace God’s path for her and her children.

Pushing her. Forcing her to face things better left in the past.

Despite their turbulent feelings toward each other, they unite against a common enemy. The anonymous and deadly Pride attacker.

Spending so much time together working toward a common goal throws Jonah a curve and he realizes he wants Willa forever. But the sins of his past mean he can’t ever have a family in his future. Doing so would put them all in jeopardy. And if she found out the truth…she’d never forgive him.

Will two adults with tortured pasts ever find their way to each other so they can heal with the strength of God’s love?


This is the exciting new best-selling Amish Romance Series by #1 inspirational author, Emma Schwartz. The saga of Pride, Ohio continues with The Amish Apprentice, Book #9. All Emma Schwartz’s Amish Romance books are clean, wholesome and filled with family values. The series does not need to be read in order. You will love this standalone, Amish romance novel that contains no cliffhanger and a joyful happily ever after.