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The Amish Wicked Stepsister

Sometimes goodbye is a second chance.

Reuben Lapp mistakenly married the wrong woman but never forgot or forgave one from the past. The same one that still holds a place in his heart. Despite his current grief over a devastating loss, his soul still yearns for something more.

Faith. Hope. Love.

Hannah has returned to Pride, Ohio to help her old friend recover. When the two wounded adults are thrown together over their love of Reuben’s young daughter, Patience, Hannah starts to worm her way through the crack in Reuben’s defenses. After all, she still holds a torch for Reuben, the man who rejected her years ago.

After a year of shame and loneliness, Reuben suddenly has Hannah’s undivided attention. Even though he wants it, he can’t let her know. He can’t let her find out the truth. Because if she did … well … she’d never forgive him.

And then he’d lose even more. He’d lose everything.