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The Amish of Pride Digital Boxed Set II

A heartwarming boxed set of FIVE full-length novels from #1 Amish Romance Author, Emma Schwartz provides hours and hours of clean, inspirational reading.

The Amish Wedding

After the unexpected death of his father, Amish woodworking apprentice Abram King is called home to run his family farm. But something is missing. He yearns for a wife to call his own, and to start a family.

The Amish Recluse

Gloria’s life is torn to pieces by a tragedy at home. And the only man who can help her is him, the reclusive Aden Bachman. He fled town and never looked back. How will she ever find him again? But the most reclusive man in Pride doesn’t want to help her. He doesn’t want her. He doesn’t believe in love. Will she ever be able to thaw his frozen heart?

The Amish Father

Abigail is determined to do whatever it takes to save her precious goddaughter. But Aaron’s bullying and arrogant attitude stand between her and success. Why does he insist on doing everything himself when she’s standing right in front of him, ready and willing to help little Rachel move through her turbulent emotions?

The Amish Apprentice

Willa Kemp has suffered tremendous tragedy in her young life. But when tragedy strikes her beautiful daughter, Catherine, she goes inside herself, determined to retain the shredded tatters of control that remain. The new bishop’s apprentice won’t leave her alone, constantly counseling her about how she should embrace God’s path for her and her children.

The Amish Rancher

After a devastating betrayal, Leah Lambright flees her home town of Loveland Falls, to take a position as a housekeeper on a working ranch. With the help of her mother, she hides herself away for a time, all to escape her overbearing father. Leah knows she can stand on her own two feet.