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The Amish of Hope Valley Digital Boxed Set Volume I

These five full-length heartwarming Amish Romance from #1 Amish Author, Emma Schwartz, are sure to tug at your heartstrings.

The Amish Inn

No matter how hard Eve tries to save her failing B & B, Mason stops her at every turn, putting up roadblocks and insinuating she isn’t competent enough to take care of herself. Despite his actions, Eve is determined to fight him to the bitter end. But Mason isn’t easy to keep at arm’s length. Either as her loan officer, or as a man.

The Amish Lumberjack

When things don’t go according to plan at Brenneman Logging, Amity realizes she’s in over her head. She doesn’t know a thing about logs or loggers,her specialty is keeping the ledgers. With a tenuous grip, she clasps Chandler’s hand and allows him to lead her. But will her bitter rival lead her to love or to her own demise?

The Amish Healer

Jude must never know the truth, because Kerith owes this gruff man a debt she can never, ever repay. Instead, she’ll gift him the ability to face life again with the courage he lost at the time of his accident. Along the way, she finds her embittered pupil is teaching her something – about the woman deep inside, the one that had been lying dormant until he brought her to vibrant life.

The Amish Quilter

After four years of shame and loneliness, Ellen suddenly has Roman’s undivided attention and support. Can he heal the scars on her soul? Or will the misunderstandings and mistakes of their shared past once again sabotage their promising future?

The Amish Ruse

The small Amish farm seems the perfect place for May Fuller to hide. After all, she carries a dark, shameful secret. A secret someone knows and wants to hurt her by bringing it to light. A new role as John’s wife seeming the perfect solution for them both – until a surprising fondness for her hard, gruff husband makes her wish they weren’t just playing a charade for the sake of Hope Valley.