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The Amish of Hope Valley Digital Boxed Set II

These five full-length heartwarming Amish Romance from #1 Amish Author, Emma Schwartz, are sure to tug at your heartstrings.

The Amish Genius

April Fisher didn’t profess to know much about men and their alien ways. She’d only courted one, and that lasted all of two weeks. Then her research took her away from her microscope and to the river banks of Hope Valley, Iowa – under the watchful eye of the local Amish curmudgeon, Jedidiah Lambright. They both had a lot to learn. About getting along… and falling in love.

The Amish Teacher

Paul Eicher no longer believed in marriage. He’d been there and lost his wife, only to have his heart shattered into a million pieces. And not even an intelligent, attractive woman such as Mercy Kemp could ever change his mind. But Paul’s daughter, Serenity, disagreed with her father’s ridiculous notions. It was obvious to the little girl that her teacher was the ideal new wife for her stubborn father. And she’d do anything to get him to see the light and join Miss Kemp on God’s path to love.

The Amish Neighbor

June King was furious to hear her future being discussed. Especially by Aaron Albrecht, her grandfather’s arrogant neighbor. She had come all the way to Hope Valley, Iowa to repay her debt to her grandfather – a debt of love. To her annoyance, she soon found herself in debt to Aaron as well. But Aaron, as a church elder, tried to control her at every turn, all because he wanted to buy her family land. He had the nerve to think he knew what was best for her. He thought a woman’s place was in the home, especially an Amish woman. And she couldn’t wait to show him the error of his prideful ways.

The Amish Kids

After the latest in a long line of courting disasters while searching for her happily ever after, Fawn Petersheim decides there is only one thing for her to do. Swear off men and become the Hope Valley spinster. But then a local widower is looking for a nanny for his children. And it’s none other than Abe Raber, the man who bullied her back in school. If helping his darling children means dealing with their odious father, Fawn agrees to put her heart and soul on the line. She just doesn’t expect to find Abe now holds that heart in the palm of his hand.

The Amish Mist

When wallflower Ivy Albrecht defies Amish propriety to offer Camp Wagler shelter during a stormy night, she sees his presence as a gift from God. After her kindness in the face of gossip, Camp can’t deny the gorgeous and vulnerable Ivy anything – not even her heartfelt plea to pose as her fake fiancĂ©. When they are forced to marry, Ivy isn’t just a temporary bride but a woman ripe with Camp’s child. But Camp always thought he could reconcile with his family, and Ivy won’t go with him. Will this couple ever